Although this site was originally made to publish my editorials and those of my friends photographers based in France,
I can also broadcast editorials from photographers living abroad
if provided editorials suit soft nude standards, quality standards and originality.

Submission holds for broadcast acceptance on NUMAG and implies that you have the authorization to broadcast from the models.

You can submit an editorial by sending us an e-mail that has for subject:

'Submission for publication on NUMAG':

  • The title of the editorial
  • 8 to 12 JPG pictures in 3000px without credits
  • The names of all participants (model, photographer, mua, etc.)
  • Country of origin of all participants and links to their site
  • A lovely text to highlight the editorial

If your editorial is accepted, we will select the best photogrphies from the ones you have sent us and we will make the layout.

We reserve the right not to publish editorials that do not correspond to our quality standards and originality.

NUMAG's editorial team